Thursday, January 25, 2007

In-depth thinker, I am not

Ok, so today in AP English, we read "Snowman", a poem by Wallace Stevens:

One must have a mind of winter
To regard the frost and the boughs
Of the pine-trees crusted with snow;

And have been cold a long time
To behold the junipers shagged with ice,
The spruces rough in the distant glitter

Of the January sun; and not to think
Of any misery in the sound of the wind,
In the sound of a few leaves,

Which is the sound of the land
Full of the same wind
That is blowing in the same bare place

For the listener, who listens in the snow,
And, nothing himself, beholds
Nothing that is not there and the nothing that is.

Being the literal person that I am, I took that to mean that winter is sad and depressing (yes, extreme depth of language), what does anyone else think it means? I'm kind of curious as to other ideas.

On another note, I *should* be getting all of my components sometime tonight, so with luck, I'll have my new system up and running by tomorrow.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

New Jobs and Spending Yet More Money I Don't Have

Well, I've returned to my blog, which is almost unbelievable in itself. And to kick it all off, I've got a couple pieces of new [read, geekily exciting] news. For the bad news, which should always go before the uplifting good news, I'm now $1700 poorer. The reason *why* is the good news... I've finally purchased all the parts to assemble my new high-end gaming pc. Newegg has yet again outdone itself with the prices on the new parts and the superb quality for such a low amount. I'll add the specs to follow this post. Anywho, I've also gotten at least one new job, if not two. I work part time/as needed at E-town Computers here in town, as well as McDonalds (which I'm crossing my fingers for, as I haven't yet been hired, but one can hope). So in all, a nice and refreshing change from what has been posted here in the past. In the spirit of this good news, I've cleared out some of the garbage from this site, yet again (so if it looks bare, that's why).

2.4 ghz Intel Core 2 Duo
2 x 1gig G.Skill PC2 6400 RAM
Geforce 8800GTX 768mb GPU
Thermaltake 700w PSU
ASUS 650i P5N-E SLI Mobo
320gig Seagate 7200RPM HDD
22" Westinghouse LCD Monitor
Apevia X-Dreamer II LED Mid-Tower Case

Sunday, September 24, 2006


Finally got around to using the Embed HTML tag to include some music. Needless to say, I used "our" song (Kelly's and mine). I think it's kinda cool... *grins*

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Person(s) of the Week

The girl that has laid claim to my heart:


Oh and just for giggles and grins, one of my bestest (yes I said bestest, I don't care it's not a word) friends:

New person to follow each week : D

Tuesday, February 28, 2006


After a long leave of absence (a nice way of saying I forgot I even had this site) I've come back! To those that read this blog before, the new direction I will be taking this page in may be unwelcome. The serious nature of this site is going to be dumped in favor of a more lighthearted and entertaining read. I have also deleted all my previous posts, hence they will subsequently be impossible to find anymore.